I was waiting for a bus
You came and stood beside me
On smelling the fragrance
Spreading from you
I startled
Then I squinted at you
The bus arrived
We boarded the same bus
At first I sat on a seat
There was a vacant seat
Beside me
After a little hesitation
You sat beside me
I sniffed the fragrance
Whether the aroma of rose
Spreading from your hair or body.
On sitting ,you managed to shape
Your dishevelled French braid
Then rosy fragrance
Smelt more intensely
I remembered,
The same fragrance smelt at the
resort of Hazaribug
There was a large garden
Of roses at the resort
I frequently visited there
With my guardians
Despite not being dishy
I was attracted to you
To remember me
The evocative smells of my salad
days mostly spent
At the resort of Hazaribug

I  am Ashis Ghosh ,  live in Kolkata


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