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I fell down.

I fell today. Not in a methaporical way. I seriously fell down in public during rush hour on a train station.

Let me walk you through my amazing morning. So, I came to Zagreb and I was going down the stairs to get some lunch for today. You can bet you ass I was on my phone while walking. I missed a step and in a matter of seconds I just felt pain in my knees and ankle as I hit the ground.

Jackie Chan has got nothing on the reflexes I discovered I had in that moment. In 0.5 seconds I just bounced right back and continued walking as if nothing happened. I actually started believing that I didn’t actually fall down because everything happened so fast but then the pain in my knees and ankle reminded me of my little encounter with the ground.

Please will someone tell me that if you fall down like an idiot in public it means you will have a really good day or that something good will happen? Give me some hope because my day so far has had a shitty start.

At least I have my coffee. Considering my luck I will probably spill it on myself. And the Kinder Bueno is here to comfort me because well… I need it.

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Luna! Welcome to My World…..where i’m looking for every crack in the pavements of Greater Manchester and Winter is my foe of all foes….how’s it go in the song?….pick yourself up, dust yourself off….and start all over again…..#cracksinthepavement

Good luck always balances with bad. Did the coffee taste that little bit extra good? Did someone make you laugh? Or smile? Dont overlook the small good things. They add up to balance the bad. You just have to see them.

It could be worse. I was 8 months pregnant and failed to see there was a step as I was leaving a restaurant, fell straight to my hands and knees (luckily) and every patron in the restaurant that could see me was gaping in horror, probably expecting a baby to come flying out onto the pavement right then and there. πŸ˜‚

It’s a matter of word choice. Faced with a similar situation, President Abraham Lincoln once remarked, “It’s a slip, not a fall.” You can celebrate your near-athletic agility in recovering so quickly. .5 seconds, go!

I’m so sorry! I have fallen in public, tripped on a sidewalk crack and did a total faceplant. My face, teeth, head hit the pavement before I realized I’d fallen. The taste of blood was pretty bad. It’s horrifying. Even then, I was mortified with embarrassment! I had to get on a plane an hour later holding a bloody rag to my mouth–poor seatmate! You drink, smoke, eat!

Hopefully nothing bad happened! i remember in 6th grade i tripped over a stone only God knows what i was thinking abt that moment that i found myself laid down like a carpet πŸ™ˆ i then acted as if i failed a push up and stood up to walk normal as if nothing happened but i remember a girl was on the other side and she had her hand on her mounth holding in a laughter i’m sure lol,πŸ˜‚

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