Meeting A Poetess

I saw your first portrait
In a weekly magazine
The magazine published your photograph
In the column  ‘’ Turning Point’’
Your smiling face and bobbed hair
Mesmerised me.
As well as your name sounded
Very mellifluous
Once I visited a book store at Park Street
And discovered you and
Felt your countenance very raunchy
You came to the book store
To attend a book-inaugural function.
Again your photograph
Appeared in a daily newspaper
On the occasion of inauguration
Of your poetry book
That caught my eyes
You wore a sleeveless blouse
Undoubtedly the looks was gorgeous and dishy.

Author: I  am Ashis Ghosh ,  live in Kolkata


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2 thoughts on “Meeting A Poetess

  1. Love this!

  2. Well written! My thought is, the face behind the mask.

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