A Joker’s Brim

What am I scared of
Is it the circumstance or the people I surround my self with
Ones that I don’t dare off
Or is it just myself
That scares me the most
My fears my tears or the way my life steersLife becomes a joke when we act jokers
Is like a knife, it pokes all
no matter the denying talkers
What am I scared of ?
Is it any different from those I have known
And yet rather than sharing, I choose to be alone
Sweet sweet sweet
I try lie to myself like if I was a leprechaunI try be the only king to my life’s throne.
Ain’t easy coz its’s only earnest
Requires discipline known sternest
Discipline like marrow in bone
To become the King to life’s throne

What’s good what’s bad
I was told by my mum n Dad
I am all grown up now
To prevail my own choices
Occasionaly those do make me sad
Only how I’ll be able to teach my offspring
That.. not everything in life is a bling
Thank you Mum n Dad
For your love your care your guidance
I try my best to be your good lad

I know fear is my enemy
The only thing I envy
Rest is all this Joker’s brim
Fear is a true surviver
I wish it didn’t know how to swim
I couldn’t but maybe you can
Put fear on a ban
I discern to tell you this
This world will fall short if you ran
Your world is you
Please don’t waste it in tears
Learn this world
Learn how to spend life in cheers

Banjit S. Dhindsa
I am the SEA, & I tell the Sea that…. You are ME



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