Creating a vibe
Really Reacting fans
In stadia up and down the
Counties of England and Wales
Keep cheering on for their
Eleven, in their colourful Pyjamas
The Atmosphere – Electric

Bowler holds the ball
of white cork in hand
while his captain makes placements
laid on field with his plans
expectant batsmen, head out for the crease
reaction from crowd – an instant release

The ball from the run up, bounces high in the air
the batsman clips ball, to the boundary square
keeping wicket intact, putting fielders in a mix
as it heads down the ground for a four or a six

Sometimes keeping wicket, Fielder gives up a shout
Appealing to umpire, that the batsman is out
the batsman keeps standing, till the time is to yield
and the umpire raises finger, and batsman leaves th’ field

Whilst out at third man, from the hit shot will fall
and from out of the air comes the white or pink ball
as ball descends quickly, to the greenery, flat
to the sound of the crowd who cheer out “Owzat!”

Manchester has a lot going on at the moment, not at least we had the Cricket World Cup Semis taking place at Old Trafford
So, In response – I pulled this out of the archive….Enjoy!
I’m a poet who hails from Salford , England.  Home to James Joule , LS Lowry and Humphrey Booth – and plenty of other scientists and artists.  These great men have provided me with lots of inspiration in my writing.  I also get inspiration from the countries i visit and events i volunteer at…currently part of the volunteer squad of the Imperial War Museum (North) where i help out in the galleries….you can find me at or


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