Sharp edges
Lulling water
Jagged rocks
Peaceful sing-songs
Birds tweeting
Lionesses roaring
Deep inside of me,
An itch of glory
A chorus of chants
Fame was alluring
To what end?
There are no limitations
No restrictions
In the face of fame, we bow
Shame etched on our foreheads
A brother’s cry of sorrow
Because of the sister’s robbed marrow
Changed her very being
Where has she gone to?
She is not his sister
She is their queen
She has no true citizens
Only mere
Fame controls the tide
You are not in control
One second you are rich
The other you are nothing at all
In the face of fame, we bow
And then we ask ourselves ‘how?’
Answers are not hidden
They are in clear sight
But we choose to ignore
Because in ignorance lies bliss
Fickle creatures, we are, filled with doubt
We have no purpose, just rummaging about
Why were we born, with such fine bodies?
Is it to be slaves for power and money?
Is it to keep on snickering upon gossip like busybodies?
Is it to fall in traps of depression and feeling like a nobody?
Who are we?
We don’t know, do we?
We must forever mourn
Our loss of who we are within
None of us know
Their created being
It couldn’t have been a coincidence
To exist in such a place, with a conscience
And thoughts capable of sin
We have destroyed logic and reason
And replaced them with urges of pleasure
Who are we?
We’re lost. That’s who we are
We’re nobodies with tattooed scars
That we shouldn’t have inked from the start
The cycle hasn’t stumbled to an end
We’re all one Kin.


I’m Nour R.. I’m a potato/banana that adores book and is generally a silly introvert. You can find me at https://rememberthis9.home.blog/. Pleased to meet you!

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