How Much Can We Live, Love, Die?

For I do not take love as a game. I was told I was loved,
By a silhouette who never came
to talk straight on the face.
To tell me through the haze.
But, I waited though I did not love.


You wonder where I got this verses from? Well, let me tell you!

One of our poetry bar participants has a book published! The book is titled “How Much Can We Live, Love, Die?” by Thunder Ling. The poems were written over the time span of 5 years and are based on poet’s experience or of those around her.

I could write a lot about the author here and about the book, but I will let her work speak instead. The two poems this self-published author sent to the Poetry Bar are The Mighty Wall and Way With Hearty Words.

You can check out and support her work here and here

Also, you can always send your her best wishes here in the comment section.

Sending love and positive vibes to all of you and luck to our new self-published author.


3 thoughts on “How Much Can We Live, Love, Die?

  1. Such a beautiful, yet melancholy poem! So well written Luna! Always a pleasure!

  2. Very nice!
    Thank you so much for sharing

  3. c’est magnifique

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