My thoughts are weighing on me
Like a ton of bricks on my shoulders.
My brain is in sudden shock every morning
Because I realize I have to start my day.
I have to walk outside the house and pretend.
My fake smile can’t fool everyone forever.
My fake confidence can’t soar much longer.
All of this weight is about to break me.
I won’t be fake any longer,
But is that really what I want?
Show my mental scars to people who don’t care?
I’d rather just pretend.
It’s much easier that way.

About me: My name is Noah and I’m just a boy who likes to write! I just graduated from high school, and I’m going to take this year to get a job and focus on my blog and writing!! I’m a nerd who likes to write about really anything. My interests range from movies to mental health to the LGBTQ+ Community! Also some poetry is thrown in there of course! 🙂


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