Positivity Press #49 – Come, sit by me

It is my first day in college and I am scared as well as excited. Being a late entrant, I wonder if I will be able to catch up with the lessons. There is no vacant seat except the one in the first row and a girl reluctantly moves aside to let me sit. As I am shy and very quiet, I find it difficult to interact with my fellow students. Besides, the girl behind me asks me to move elsewhere as her friend wants to occupy my place in the first row. This is when I come across Divya, one of the most talkative and friendliest girls in the class. “Come, sit by me.” She says. So, I move to the fourth row, after a couple of days. It is a tight squeeze, but I am happy. After this, I hardly felt lonely in the next three years. Thank you, Divya, for making my undergraduate days endurable.

Summer holidays
Hornet’s nest
beneath the desk

Bio: Padmini is a  freelance writer. Her haiku and haibun have appeared in Shamrock, The Neverending Story, Chrysanthemum, Cattails, Wild Plum, A Hundred Gourds, New Wales Journal, The Heron’s Nest, Contemporary Haibun Online, and Haibun Today. Her Short stories for children have been published in My Light Magazine, Short Kid Stories and Children’s Stories.net. She lives in Singapore with her family. Her blog is https://call2read.wordpress.com/


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2 thoughts on “Positivity Press #49 – Come, sit by me

  1. it just takes one person to make a difference…

    1. Yes. That is true. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this haibun.

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