Song of the Heart

A low note here,
A high note there.
Sometimes, completely in tune.
Sometimes, extraordinarily off-tune.
So goes the song of the heart.

Not meant to please everyone,
Not meant about just anyone,
Not always ethically right,
Just composed on a whim,
So goes the song of the heart.

A different composition
For every ocassion,
A different twist
For every ending,
So goes the song of the heart.

A short jingle
In times of haste,
An opera performance
When into the groove,
So goes the song of the heart.

When brimming with joy,
Heart-warming to hear.
When bleeding with hurt,
A painful jolt for the senses.
So goes the song of the heart.

My song is mine,
Your song is yours.
When someone hears it right
Is when magic is created
From the song of the heart.

It took me years to come to terms with who I had always been. Now I want the whole world to know that. Currently, I am a struggling author, eagerly waiting for my first novel to be published. Blog:


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8 thoughts on “Song of the Heart

  1. There is an old saying to not die with a song in your heart. I say let it out while we can. I love singing, particularly tenor and bass notes. There is always a song present; however, I suppress them too much. It doesn’t matter how we sound to others, does it? Allow the notes to flow melodiously. Lovely thoughts. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Thank you. ☺ You are right, we must allow those notes to flow out. For you never know when they might strike a chord with someone else’s! 😀

      1. So true. 🙂

  2. Thanks for taking time away from your writing to visit my blog!

  3. Loved your poem.

  4. A well written piece with great openess and honesty. Best of luck with your publication!

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