My Mind

Let me give you a ride
And take you inside to this site
To give you some insight
Into the arena of my simple mind

It’s been a while since I found sleep by my favorite side
It’s just this thing with me
Too many thoughts are nesting inside
Questioning me day & night, the meaning of life

I feel like detonating my thoughts
To simply blow up my own mind
To make some space during the sleepless nights
To change those formless kinds into this form of rhymes

My mind often wears no armor under the heavy clouds & deeper skies
Unlike that strong dark knight in old times
In those bloodthirsty fights
That used to fight & conquer the unknown for ego & pride

My mind phrases these words & scatter them on this dark page
Just like the shining stars sprinkled all over the dark space
The constellation of stars you see far far away
Is simply your point of view from your heart space

My mind is constantly digging deeper hole on my ground space
To reach this place where I truly belong in my inner space
Where a soul rebirths within the elements in the subspace
Where the unknown finally meets its ace, the card of spades

I am Navin and I am from Denmark. An engineer / CAD technician by profession and I’m quite passionate about it. I express myself, share my experiences and what I realize through my poems, which I publish on my blog


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4 thoughts on “My Mind

  1. wow. I really like the line “My mind often wears no armor under the heavy clouds & deeper skies”

  2. Thx for liking my poem.

  3. Beautiful piece, more of your mind needed

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