To The Romeo I’ve Never Had

High hopes to the sky limits

drove me through a paradise, that
I thought my inner demons,
cried in hunger for a sinful glee.

Dreams were haunted,
my mind in scattered beliefs,
dear god, ‘help me!’
was all I could say.

Feeling a bliss so galore,
the eternal suffering less felt,
buried underneath in the core of my fear
to lose a reverie — a craving.

Reality, the greatest enemy
the happiness lost, I owned;
to you who I blame, my ardent despair
let me be.

No more I seek,
a pleasure to my suffering being.
To the Romeo, I’ve never had,
farewell, my lost mirage.



About the Writer: Hi to all! I am Tharushi. Just a girl who craft letters to mirror her soul. I write about ranging from poetry to non-fiction. Thank you for reading my work. Hope to see you on my blog. Much love!


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