Softly, Softly

The sun rises in the morning,
Spreading warmth and light over shadows,
Your love moves the same,
Spreading joy with every touch.

Even in my darkest moments,
When fear paralyses me,
And knowing creatures flicker,
Your hands hold me in the dark.

When I feel as if I am swarmed by sadness,
And overwhelmed by my own thoughts,
Your rays of sunshine pierce me,
Filling me with happiness I didn’t know I could possess

So at the end of the day,
When I am weary and sad,
I ask of you one thing;

Kiss me softly love, and hold me tight,
Surround me with thoughts of you,
As I drift into the night.

 Hi I’m Emelie! I love writing about my thoughts or experiences, and have recently started posting poems that I’ve written. I find writing very therapeutic and a great way to express myself!
Instagram: em_theginger_one


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3 thoughts on “Softly, Softly

  1. Oh my, such a beautiful poem my friend.

    1. Thank you so much!!

      1. It was certainly my pleasure.

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