Lost in his love

Once upon a time, I used to live,
In pain, tears and misery.
Dining and wining in sin:
Growing fatter on what kills.
I thought I was sane, like twas real,
But I was kidding: I was death’s prey.
Then it came, on an innocent dawn:
Who’s to come to make me his son.
Thought at first, twas a lion’s den.
Then just next, he is the lion in the den.
He gave me all I could scarce think of,
Now tell me, how crazy you won’t love such.
I love him from the breath of the hay:
When it heave a sigh, crafting bredth of the day.
Like the clouds and sky, in love sway,
Such that none could part their ways.
Such is my love : growing all day,
Come winter and summer, I love Jesus all the way.
Come all Who’re lost in the fares of life:
Enclosed in the labyrinth of the intricacy of strife.
Jesus will not only show you the way to life,
He’ll also, teach you how to survive.
I love Jesus, Love you Jesus,
Love you more than I can think of.


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4 thoughts on “Lost in his love

  1. Uplifting and inspiring. Very well written.

    1. Thanks. 💓

  2. “he is the lion in the den.” Love this statement. ♥

    1. Glad you love it. Thanks.

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