Trip over the Ego Trip

Bound with the fetters of ego,
lying down in the dungeons of self inflicted misery,
intoxicated with self-conceit,
consumed with perpetual darkness in a state of jittery.

The shackles of ego,
being so heavy,
leave you poorer,
with the huge tax they levy.

Inebriated with the heightened sense of ego,
unable to look beyond oneself,
it’s hangover haunts for a longtime,
although initially it seems an end in itself.

Ego only knows to burn,
causing more damage where it manifests,
such is the power in the latent heat of ego,
one’s own character it truly tests.

Egotistical overtones reek of negativity,
showcasing the hollowness within,
disliked for what it has to offer,
from the very start as it sets in.

From ego to humility,
may the transition be in a zip,
for it’s going to be worth it,
to trip over the ‘ego trip’.

I’m Sundeep Sangwan (SANJU) from India. I recently started my blog to give a voice to my thoughts and opinions on varying topics ranging from sports to poetry and named the blog : lifein22yardsandbeyond


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