The Long Necked: Straight Shoe

Day 7, neighboring the month 7,
The sky changed her cloak till they were 7.
At 7, on that day 7,
Mother cried, shouted, times like 7.
Then the infant with lips bellicosing,
Smiled 7, till doctor spanked, and cried in 7 rhythms.
At age 7, his muse led him in 7 paths:
Music, drawing, singing, reading, and three other arts.
At 7 per post- meridian, he prayed often.
7 Psalms he read, schools he went 7.
Now, he’s grown,
7 in three places old.
Aiming at visiting 7 countries,
Eating 7 Packs of Pizza and Earning 7 degrees.
Only these 7 things you should know bout me,
You could add yours, if you disbelieve.
But be sure, your frame of reference is of 7,
For in 10 times 7 years to now, he’d be made perfect in 7.
His name by error is Joshua,
But in perfection, it’s beauty reflect in 7-letters – Yahshua.
Guess it’s me?
Last june, I became 7 times three.
Pen danced to the jive played in minutes, 7.
Luminaria bade me adieu when 6am had of its minutes, 7.
  Ancestor. Ancestral Pen. Long Necked: Straight Shoe.


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