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Here’s a random picture of me:

Hello everyone!

This week I am working that fucking shift until 11 PM and I am going to sleep at my friends in Zagreb. I don’t think I will be taking my laptop with me so I need you all to send in your Poetry Bar, Positivity Press and #savingme submissions as soon as possible so that I could get the posts ready for this week.

I know that I can do it over the phone but sometimes the posts just look weird when I post over the phone so I would like to prepare them while I have my laptop with me. I am looking forward to reading what you’ll send my way. You already know the drill:

So our beloved POETRY BAR – here you send your poetry works to together with a few words about yourself and a link to your blog and an Instagram account if you have one since The Poetry Bar does and we post your works there also. Check it out here:

Our middle child of guest posts is THE POSITIVITY PRESS – here you send your positive stories, share positive vibes, send pictures, tell us about your new job or hobby and send them to It was designed to bring joy to us on a daily basis and keep us positive and grateful for all the little experiences that happen to us. You just need to send your positive vibes to the e-mail address and attach a blog link if you’d like

And our new born baby is #savingme project – here you can share your stories about any type of abuse you’ve experienced. The email is The project was made to let abuse victims know they are not alone. If you don’t want to share your whole story, you can share how you got out, some advice to people going through this hell currently. It’s a safe place and your story can be published completely anonymously. Also, you can see that I post about my own experience with domestic abuse and not only my story but my thoughts, mechanisms that helped me overcome it etc.

13 thoughts on “Preparing Guest Posts

  1. Beautiful photo 😀

  2. Saving me, good song luckily we can do that ourselves in the modern world simply by pressing send.

  3. I hate posting off the phone. One touch and the whole formats effed. Lol I’m excited to see what u get! Chica Bonita 🌷

  4. I no longer post from my phone it just leaves the post looking odd and there are too many possibilities for mistakes.

  5. Another evalicious photo of that hard working and ever ending giving heart and soul we call our beloved…Luna.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment!

  6. Lovely smile , nice picture ! Thanks for sharing !

  7. I don’t even have a laptop, and it sucks…

  8. Are you spoken for… Cos I wan steal you away.. 😂😂😂😂
    Kidding. Beautiful. Had a screenshot of it. 😀

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