Ingenious depths

Eager fear of raw inquisitiveness
On a slippery slope beyond imaginary
It feels humid almost muddied
Uncomfortable yet so exciting
Still I cannot see as I’m encompassed
The cloak of darkness heightens everything
My heart shudders in a set of secrets
Almost as if, I’m in and out of conscious
Certain pressure wrapping most eagerly
My inveigle mind venturing ever plodded
My fingertips slip grasping for wet, silky- firmly
I feel afire and growing evermore thirsty
I want to speak loud but only whisper faintly
Only to have those airy words return upon me
And their currents fuels better yet me, the embers
I degust the flavors of your scent, your essence
Oh love! how I love exploring you all so….blindly

Poet of the Light © 2019

Poetry in its own unique way like a lover, has taught me to let my heartfelt whispers go free and find their own home.  Some of those whispers are now slowing being released on my page @  


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