365 days streak

This week we reached another milestone. For the last year, 365 days, we have had at least one post per day on this blog and this is really our milestone because there were your works published as well as mine. This consistency and interaction on the blog has really made a difference. I just want to share with you our accomplishment.

So in the last year we have had approximately 108,900 views on this blog. That’s a lot and I can’t even begin to count how many comments we have had, we are reaching 4000 subscribers as we speak. It’s all so amazing. This consistency really paid off and it just warms my heart when I read how much you all communicate with each other in the comment section, give each other advices, praise each other’s works. I never thought that, when starting The Poetry Bar, it would amount to so much and that it would actually create this amazing community of writers. Thank you again and here’s to us!

11 thoughts on “365 days streak

  1. So awesome! Congrats

  2. Congrats! That’s quite a record.

  3. That’s pretty amazing, you do a great job on here!

  4. Congratulations! & Here’s to Us!!! 👍

  5. Congrats on reaching your milestones!

  6. This is actually harder than it looks, so congratulations on your achievement

  7. Hehe nice streak. I guess it’s a good achievement but when you start understanding blogging prompts it can become easier!

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