Devine Sensuality

In a secret meadow untouched by man,
Nymphs and Dryads dance to the beat of pan.Naked beauties linger sensually — truly divine.
Their scent is intoxicating, like a fine wine.
Unseen by any, but the children of the dirt.
Tucked away from pain, fear and hurt.
Music plays at a feverish pace.
Ecstasy pours out all over the place.
Nature untouched personified.
This is where the spirits hide.

My name is Jesse, I am a writer. I post both poetry and mental health pieces about my own struggles and journey on my blog here:


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2 thoughts on “Devine Sensuality

  1. Love this! 😎❤️☺️

  2. You paint a scene. Nicely written.

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