Ship Wrecked

My capt’n, where art thou?
The plank thee walk so freely
Down that narrow path, Overboard;
Thine eyes, they must deceive me.

My capt’n, where art thou?
The stormy sea engulfed thee,
Into it’s deadly undertoe
From which thou couldn’t swim free

My capt’n, where art thou?
Thee abandoned ship so suddenly
With neither compass nor a map;
For thou crew, they wander aimlessly.

My capt’n, where art thou?
For a ship, I know not how to sail ye
Through the darkness creepin’ up ahead.
I curse thou name! I swear thee!

My capt’n, where art thou?
For thee life was but a fallacy
Drowned in unknown waves of despair.
Thy Capt’n left a broken legacy.




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5 thoughts on “Ship Wrecked

  1. Fake news or fake president? Fine use of ballad meter!

  2. Absolutely wonderful poem!

  3. in Ship Wrecked i think you mean undertow. otherwise, it’s very nice. john

  4. Good poem, although you have misused ‘thee’ for ‘thou’, and ‘thou’ for ‘thy’ twice.

  5. Wonderful writing skills 😍🚩

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