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Guys, let’s talk!

So, after quitting university I was really lost and explored options which only included getting back to the university, having a masters etc. and it was killing me because I never really want to go back to being a student.

After many months of banging my head against a damn wall I found out about a seminar in Internet Marketing. I think I hear God say “You go girl” when I applied. The seminar started today and while I was sitting there, listening, writing down my notes I felt really passionate about something after a very long time of believing I will never find a career or a path which sparks an interest in me.

While I was sitting there I, of course, started thinking about Luna, about this blog and all of you. Somehow I think I made many wrong steps in the last few months and I think it has caused the blog to lose a lot of its original meaning so I decided to rethink everything I’ve done on my blog in the last few months regarding our guest posts categories. I think I just forgot what this blog was originally about and it was poetry. I am a poet, you are a poet – we’re poets. This is the way we express ourselves and this is what I wanted to create on this blog. I wanted people to be free to express themselves through poetry and I wanted to create a community which I kind of did with our beloved Poetry Bar. I am not changing that, I know how much you love it and believe me that I do too. Reading your work inspires me, brings me so much joy and I love reading all of your comments on each other’s posts.

As for the other guest post categories, I will have to review them. It’s not that I don’t like your prose works or your Positivity Press but I just have this strong gut feeling lately telling me that I need to go back to poetry and just poetry. I will give this a lot of thought (trust me) and I will let you know with time to which categories we will have to say goodbye.

Anyway, I am tired. I worked today and then had the seminar which lasted more than three hours but it was so worth. I am going to pass out in my bed now and I wish you all a goodnight or a good day, depending when you read this.

Make sure to tell me what you think about all of this, I don’t want to make decisions without consulting you first.

Sending love and positive vibes,


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As for me, you are the Poetess I follow. Where you go, I hope to trail along like a second shadow you could speak with or shout at to purge inner feelings, should you have a need of …me. Lead on-

This was a good blog when it was primarily poetry. It’s a good blog today. It has a strong-willed woman leading the whole thing and she hasn’t made any bad decisions for it yet (as far as I’m aware of anyway). I have no opinion whether you should focus on one thing or several but that’s because I trust you’ll make the right decision on the matter.
I’m glad you’re enjoying the new work opportunities. I wish you well on your decision for the blog as well.

I won’t sit on the fence on this, I think if you can strengthen your foundation for a while, you can get even better ways of remodeling the other aspects of the blog. I’m new to blogging nd I’m just writing stories and poems for now so I can’t fully empathize with you but I’m pretty good at empathy generally

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