Autumn winds carrying leaves
like thoughts, endlessly in motion
never at rest, dancing in stories
unwritten and untold.
Ideas unfolding in a forever mystery
of what could be and could have been,
never leaving our mind at peace.
Warm and lively colours painting a picture
of a soul so beautiful that no sadness
can overshade it while tears of joy become
indistinguishable from tears of pain.
They tell a tale of a face so pretty
my eyes cannot rest on it for too long
but my heart can’t stop looking for it
with every beat, in endless search
of a way to feel warmth and a little of the glow
that remained from something once alive.
I take her hand and walk her to the place
our smiles first warmly met before wrapping her
into a hug that would last forever.
It guides my heart like a firefly towards the
coming seasons and if I stay close to its light
maybe I won’t freeze.



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5 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Beautiful share, Luna

  2. These are such beautiful poems, wow!

  3. Very nice imagery in this

  4. Those are very beautiful words thank you for sharing Rose ~~~

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