The moon shines alone

How does the moon shine alone?
Such a dark sky, when does this light fade?
I thought I would shine upon her,
But she lighted my failures.
Burned I did from a candle,
Closed my eyes before ignorance.
My prayers turned against me,
My tears waiting to release.
It really does kill, this loneliness, doesn’t it?
A poison whose course everlasts,
With such a sweet taste, neverending.
Sound I do insane, lost of sense,
Perhaps let my tears do the speaking, not I.
Let my tears become drops of paint,
Words of a letter,
Stars in the sky.
Forever searching for you,
Looking towards you,
Yet never finding you.

Salaam, I’m Aman Misbah and I’m an 18-year old writer. I’m well inspired by Urdu greats like Mir Taqi Mir and Faiz Ahmed Faiz as well as American poets like Emily Dickinson or Edgar Allen Poe. You can see some other works of mine at


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5 thoughts on “The moon shines alone

  1. This piece has a beautiful ending!!! ❤❤

    1. Very much appreciated 🙂

  2. a nice piece of writing, particularly the teardrops becoming drops of paint

    1. Yes, it’s a beautiful metaphor. Very grateful to you

  3. I love me some poem about the moon!

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