Let’s make some changes

So guys, I already told you I was thinking about changing the guest post categories a bit and I finally partially made my decision. Why partially?

Well, I decided that The Positivity Press and Post Prose will not be a part of the blog anymore but I didn’t delete them permanently I just removed the categories from the Menu bar. The Poetry Bar and #savingme are still up there and your submissions are welcome as always. I was thinking about removing #savingme as well and if I had thought only by stats and data I receive from my blog, then #savingme would definitely go and The Positivity Press would stay but I made the decision made from the stats from my heart.

I think that The Positivity Press was amazing, I love your posts, you were way more active there than you are on #savingme but #savingme is something close to my heart because I’ve been through domestic abuse and, just like Poetry, this is something that is a very big part of my life. I still want to keep the category in hopes more of you will send your stories about abuse and maybe even posts of support for people going through this hell.

But that’s not all. I am also coming up with a new design. I will notify you when it happens. Just to change things around here. I feel like I’ve been really lazy recently when it comes to my blog. I have writer’s block, my schedule is awful etc. I’m just getting back on track because I don’t want to mess up all of this amazing progress we’ve made.

So Luna is getting back to her roots, back to where it all started – BACK TO POETRY! Tell me what you think, send your submissions, write your comments on each other works and keep on being this loving, supportive community you’ve been since day one. Luna loves you all!

Sending love and positive vibes,


5 thoughts on “Let’s make some changes

  1. Nourishing the roots will always feed the blooms that follows in seasons to come.

  2. You’re killing it, don’t fret about the stubborn block and hectic schedule. But I hear you on the latter…I hate when work and life prevent the writing from spreading it’s fluttering paper wings 📖

  3. will back you on that

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