The lost poem

Soft, warm light by flicking a switch,
carefully removing the delicate glass sphere
when darkness returns for a brief minute
until we replaced that tiny fragile item
we take for granted in self-evidence.
But how shall we replace the sun when
one beautiful day, it won’t rise
in the morning?
How do we return the tide when the tap
serves us merely drops for breakfast?
Where do we stay safe when suddenly,
our homes are made of paper walls?
What will we read, when one night,
the letters in our books turn invisible?
How do we find love when we wake up
and the only love we knew
has walked away?
Who will finish typing out our poetry,
when some day, there’s a power out-

My name is Tony, I’m 25 and I’m from Germany. I recently picked up writing again,
after my fiancée left me after 4 years of relationship.
Writing poetry, short stories and articles helps me to process the loss, especially because
I made mistakes that eventually ruined a perfect relationship with a wonderful person.
I struggle to get over her so I use writing as outlet for my feelings and thoughts.
It’s also supposed to describe my process of transformation and personal development over time
and I include dream analysis and psychological ideas into my writing here and there.
I hope whoever reads my work can take something away from it 🙂 Thanks.


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2 thoughts on “The lost poem

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Love the poem

  2. wonderfully penned!!

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