Selfishly unselfish (King Arthur – The Untold)

– You took your pass card and by-passed us
– You seemed different, kind of cold your gaze alone iced us;
– left us frozen we couldn’t hold you back anymore we let you go.
– Heroes take the place of villains sometimes.
– Friends become foes sometimes – these were the lies we held on to as we watched you go.
– Knowing you would never moonwalk to us.
– Because you set your sight straight, your sight was set straight, sight straightly set.
– Set on the sword set in stone.
– Arthur pulled out his visa to the throne, and guess what?
– He stabbed himself to a cross.
– He got soaked with the cries of his people and thought it wise to drench himself in blood instead.
– When people needed fitting butt cheeks to grace the throne first,
– he chose to rid his pain first and leave the rest – they thought.
– They thought he turned his back leaving their eyes fixed on his shadow.
– Yet today, thrones have been raised everywhere.
– Men are no longer mere.
– Each bears a crown which only surfaces if he believes the tale.
– His tale, his selfless death which needs to be heard first.

I am King David. A young spoken wordist, poet, generally a writer, patriot, lover and member of DOTS Inc who lives in Tema,Ghana. My basic motive for writing lies in my mantra “I write because I want us to live love forever”. I believe love is the most powerful force in the universe that can, if appropriated in all sectors of our lives, yield positive results.
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2 thoughts on “Selfishly unselfish (King Arthur – The Untold)

  1. Reading my own piece on The Poetry Bar got me saying “wow, this is amazing!”
    Thanks Luna ☺

    1. You are welcome. Feel free to send more work! 😀

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