Grasp Rings

I can feel this
You decided to block scene
After you discussed & talked things
I know you felt my writing
You meant, it wasn’t the right thing
But you didn’t play the right strings
I know you don’t like the wordings
Crawling through my verses
Honestly, it didn’t shock me
To sense how your mind thinks
But it would never stop me
To jot when I realize things
Coz I don’t ever write themes
To like me or to like them

I simply spread ink that my mind bleeds
To express emotions when my soul screams
To scribble stories when my heart speaks
I don’t like anymore to play hide & seek
When I can see that light seam
From my scarred screen in the dark field
Truth can sometimes burn the outer skin
To unravel the flames of inside scenes

I really don’t mind this
Even if you grind minds
But you’ll never reach mine
There is never a timeline
To read those fine lines
It’s never about the limelight
I talk about the life size
People ought to sideline
And they can’t define the divine
Which is not some sci-fi
You see, I don’t believe in sigh-fight

If you want me to spice this
To write some more & rhyme things
Define & decide your own deeds
Just don’t be anyone’s sidekick
And it’s not a crime if
I offer you flavored ice tea
Breathe deep while you close your eyelid
To calm your mind, like that divine sea

Sense what’s your I size
Just don’t rely alone on your eyesight
Coz it’s all about our heart beats
But only if you can grasp rings
When a drop hits, the O(cean) sings
When a heart opens, the whole syncs
Mind isn’t always the bright zing
Put a lid on the Self & let free the heart Being

I am Navin from Denmark. An engineer/CAD technician by profession with passion in 3-dimensional creations.

Poem is me.

Self realization, experiences & expressions and some other dimensions, I share through my poetic creations, which I publish on my blog


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