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Shore of love

If you really think it through,
it was me who let you go.
If you really walk it through,
it was me who broke your heart.
I only knew how much you meant
when I had to fight for you
I only saw how much I lost
when I watched you walk away.
There is no match for your soul
nothing that compares to you.
There is no beauty close to yours
nothing that shines brighter.
And I have no right to miss you
nor am I allowed to love you
but honey, I do.
So I’ll sit at the shore while
the others play and search,
in my mind, calling you

My name is Tony, I’m 25 and I’m from Germany. I recently picked up writing again,
after my fiancée left me after 4 years of relationship.
Writing poetry, short stories and articles helps me to process the loss, especially because
I made mistakes that eventually ruined a perfect relationship with a wonderful person.
I struggle to get over her so I use writing as outlet for my feelings and thoughts.
It’s also supposed to describe my process of transformation and personal development over time
and I include dream analysis and psychological ideas into my writing here and there.
I hope whoever reads my work can take something away from it 🙂 Thanks.


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