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I Miss Art

Hello everyone!
Sometimes I just have the need to share with you my random thoughts and this is going to be one of those posts.

I miss art. I miss poetry. I miss novels and drinking tea accompanied with a good book. Lately my schedule has been a mess. For the next three days I am literally going to wake up at 4:45 in the morning and come home after 9 in the evening – just to give you a general picture of my life currently. I have less and less free time due to my two jobs, studying digital marketing etc.

Because of my studying I am reading a lot of books about digital marketing and community management. Today as I was reading one of those books I just thought to myself that I miss art. I am not saying that educational or self-help books aren’t art but I miss verses, I miss books that make me think about life, I literally miss having a plot to follow when I read.

Books and music have always been a great inspiration for me and I think that my writers block has a lot to do with me not reading enough. Have you ever experienced just a strong yearning for art. It’s just a part of me, I am sort of a poet, and it is important for me to have some time alone with my favorite authors and to discover new authors. This weekend I have three days off and I just hope – no actually I promise to myself – that I am going to make time to sit down and just indulge in some good art.

It’s actually important for my mental health. I am not saying that self-help books and watching Jay Shetty don’t do enough for my mental health but art literally heals. It can just make people let go of painful experiences, heal wounds, make us confront fears and dreams we keep hidden in the back of our mind.

Art. I just miss art.

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I have just (1 week) returned to my blog, now I’m wondering why I left! Opening that creative space has been like a spring clean of my mind and I’m so full of energy and ideas I barely need to sleep. Art is everything – it can keep you alive (there are plenty of artists who when overtaken by their muse go with out food water and sleep for days) I may have too much coffee 😁 but I really hope you enjoy your days off and have some art again. Great post 👌

You are not ‘sort of a poet’ honey. You ARE a poet.
I agree, art is so important for our souls. Don’t forget that inspiration, peace and soul nurture often come from mother nature’s bounty. So when travelling to your jobs, listening to a bird outside your window or gazing at the stars, her beauty is there constantly to nurture you 😊🦁🦋🐳🌵🌴💐🌙✨🌈☔️

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