I analyze the different frames around me
And then think “Where do I fit you?”
I prepare myself for the different frames around me
And then ask myself,”How do I fit in?”

To my expectations a tiny bell is wound.
They move around with a sweet sound.
When the hearing ear is met,
The mind wins the bet.

Plastic,Glass,Wood; versatile in nature.
All my pieces are glued with assumption.
I am nailed with judgement
To the walls – More or Less.

Is it a want or a need?
You try to fit in Or I try to fit you in,
Endless trials are made,
Until the colors fade,
In the minds of the world we all are framed.

Poem description – A poem inspired by how on one hand we expect others to be like what we have in our minds and on the other how we convince ourselves to try and fit in somebody’s mind.

About Me – Hi, I am Soumya, a software engineer. I recently discovered the writer in me. My writings are inspired by nature, everyday situations, deep thoughts about how we live and think and many more.

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