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And just like that my blood started to boil, my body started trembling, and I knew, once again, something was going to erupt from the archives. My stomach knotted, my heart de escalated from the erratic beat it had once before played. I knew nothing but how to be forgotten, and left it in the past like some sort of antique gathering dust. This wasn’t heartbreak, (Yet.) This was disappointment gurgling back up my throat like too many tequila shots on a Saturday night.

Hi! Cadlynne Dovel here, hopeless romantics. Withering relationship, mother of one and animal lover beyond what words can express.



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Very well expressed, I thought you where talking about you and I was feeling sorry for you… how could you Luna .You know the name Luna in Spanish translated to moon? You’re the moon I’m the stars surrounding you…. That line has to work

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