And I love you

we left
the shadows of the night
as we enter
the room to make
our light

the white walls stare at us with
a quite bright color of bliss
in pitch dark we lay
on melancholy of soft bedsheets

play a song and let us be
forget the world and set us free
lift your head my love and see
the souls that will forever be

do you hear our hearts the beat of
the music of love that sets off
the noise that lingers
outside the room
in our own quiet afternoon

tell me how you feel my love
drown me with your memories of
sadness and darkness
and the days you wish to have

i’ll listen to all of
your worries and what ifs
i’ll always be there
i promise

in the moments of
your ups and downs
when in distance
will travel from town
to town

i love you, love
the night is filled
with promises of us
to keep

tomorrow is ours
and the days that follows
the month that follows
the year that follows
our life–
tomorrow is ours.

did you
close your eyes
cause i did
when you kissed me

and i slightly
opened my eyes and saw
stars that glimmer into the side
of your cute innocent face

do you see it too my love?
am i making shiny stars
on the side of my face
just like you do?

do you feel the warmth
of my awkward embrace
like what i am feeling
with yours that
perfectly fit my body?

tonight is ours
my love, sleep well
and wake up
with a smile, knowing
tomorrow is ours my love–


Hello, everyone! Christian C. here. I mostly write poems in Filipino but this one is in English. I love taking pictures too. I recently got back to blogging and I enjoy reading all your works.

I wrote this poem for Toni. Hi, Toni. I hope you’re happy wherever you are. I wish all the happiness for you. I hope you find someone who’ll love you to the fullest. I miss you.



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  1. Two words: Love it! It follows as a charming curve. Keep writing!

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