The Guardsman

Guardsman sits proudly on the shelf
with other toys around
watching the comings and goings about
without making a sound

Somedays his little wind-up heart
will be given a bit of a start
and he’ll walk up and down the space
so long as his owner has cleared a place

He walks past the robots, and turtles nearby
and sometimes he’ll take off and drop from the sky
to be picked up by his owner, and somewhere he’ll flop
someplace that isn’t so high to drop

So standing to attention – up straight and tall
our Guardsman stands proud – in his box by the wall
keeping his guard – till the next time he walks
and saying hello to the robot that talks

And sharing his spot , much to his glee
is a little lego man, who’s smaller than he
friends on the dresser, sharing a place
the toy guardsman and the lego man from space

I’m a poet who hails from Salford , England. Home to James Joule , LS Lowry and Humphrey Booth – and plenty of other scientists and artists. These great men have provided me with lots of inspiration in my writing. I also get inspiration from the countries i visit and events i volunteer at…currently part of the volunteer squad of the Imperial War Museum (North) where i help out in the galleries….you can find me at or


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4 thoughts on “The Guardsman

    1. Thanks for taking a look. Mr Ghani!

  1. Made me smile – thank you! 😎

    1. Glad you enjoyed the piece….Cheers.

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