One More Sunset

Footprints at the shores
Watching the waves
The breeze moans
Clumsy are the trees
Whose branches strain at the onslaught
The oceanic symphony,
Clouds my ears
An interlude of gloom

My place of joy,
Is now a paradise of despair
All things have a final end
But was death the final end?
Nothing seems normal
Every melody is tuneless
Every memory is timeless
I feel roasted under the sun
So I stretch my hand
To reach out to you
But I clutch into your absence
What happened ?
Why did it happen?
Why you?

We used to follow the bonfire
And sway to the rhythm of the drum
We would be dazzled by the moon
And the speckling stars
But the nights are now too scary
With spasmodic flashes of lightning
And horrifying thunderstorms
With whom will I enjoy the sunset?
I feel incomplete
Like a desperate soul

When a you coming back?
Give me a signal
Send a dream, or a vision
Just do something
Send a letter, write on the wall
I know your handwriting
Come back
Even if it’s for one sunset
One more sunset
Just a single sunset

I’m Jamin Clement. A Kenyan Poet and Creative fictional writer. I love writing as much as I love reading. Follow me on my blog @
Facebook @ Jamin Clement. 


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  1. Don’t be too sad.

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