The End Of Confusion and Fear

The ancient tune’s a’calling me
Away to where so few have gone.
I run to join that joyful dance
With the knowledge that it’s where I belong –
But how I long to share the light and love with you,
To laugh and cry at all the beauty here,
And to race you to the highest mountain top
At the End Of Confusion and Fear.

My life was not an easy one,
Yes, I’ve had my share of pain.
Rivers full of tears and blood
That was shed with nothing to gain –
But, oh, the strength that has come from it all!
What compassion I saw – Oh, what love!
And the wisdom I saw in that one gentle face
That came like an angel from above.

Yes, your life is hard and lonely,
Yes, your path is not a simple one.
No one can doubt your golden heart
Or that you have been treated wrong –
But won’t you let go of past resentments,
Stop defining yourself by the pain?
Let go of what was or might have been
And let peace fall like a steady rain.

Come with me now as the ancient tune
Drives me to where few have gone.
I want share the light and love with you
In this place where my soul belongs.
Our children will dance in the meadows so green
And learn of the strength and beauty here –
And our ancestors will welcome us with pride
To the End Of Confusion and Fear.

Poetry Copyright © 2018 – 2023 by Ena Whiteraven   All rights reserved.  (This work has been reprinted with permission of the author.)

Bio: Ena Whiteraven (a.k.a. Henry) is an aspiring writer and poet whose work includes elements of mystery, suspense, and fantasy. She’s also a guest writer at Spiritually Awkward Magazine  . She is currently in search of publishers and fellow writers who share her vision.

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1 thought on “The End Of Confusion and Fear

  1. You indeed saw the end of confusion and fear, you are so fluent in pain…..

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