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I have been living my best life and now reality is bitch slapping me. I have to go back to work. I can’t. I am already in Zagreb but still denying the fact that I have to go back to work today.

I had such a horrible night. I couldn’t fall asleep. I think I got about 2 hours of sleep, if that much. I was all over the bed, got up a million times, played music to fall asleep and when I finally got some sleep in my mother was already calling me to get up because I was leaving early for Zagreb.

I am so tired and so exhausted but I am trying to stay positive. It’s one of my decisions. It’s not like a New Year’s resolution but with this year I have some general decisions and some time-limited decisions. I am just trying to get my shit together, focus on my work and what’s important to me, focus on my self and work on some of my problems such as procrastination. Maybe I’ll even make a post about my resolutions, if you want.

Today I am just going basic because the strength in me is gone. I love this shirt because it’s so cute and it gives some color and uniqueness to a basic outfit.

back to work outfit

Since I am working again it will sometimes be hard for me to keep up with my posting schedule but please do call me out if I get lazy. Just write down in the comments that you would like more content and I will do my best to get everything up and uploaded. In this year I am looking forward to your new Poetry Bar submissions and to new authors joining us. For new authors who do not know what The Poetry Bar was please do read how to do a Poetry Bar submission.

I am off to be a productive member of society. Yay.

Sending love and positive vibes,

7 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Have a productive and fun day! Coffees….big ones…..

    1. You know me so well 😂

  2. You’re the 5th writer/blogger that work has taken out this past year.

    Some people really need to be paid for writing/blogging instead because this “work” thing everyone keep vanishing to is becoming annoying.

    A.I. can’t steal jobs fast enough type of thing since then funding will be available for alternate things like writing and blogging.

  3. Oh, how I remember those working years. Just when you start to find yourself, you are called back to the salt mine. Funny enough, even though I am 5 years retired, I had a work dream last night. It was a happy dream, likely because I no longer have to go into the office. Wishing you a good day at work, Luna. Allan

    1. Thank you very much! I survived, it was kind of fun because I missed my work crew but still… I’d rather be at home hahaha

  4. I will be going back to work Sunday, I know how you feel. Some days you just have to push through and some will be easy, that is how life goes. Always move forward and do not tie yourself to resolutions but to goals with time frames.

    1. We can do this! I was never one to make resolutions on New Year but I decoded to give it a go but I keep track of everything including progress so everything in my life is kind of time limited. I am weird when it comes to that

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