Coffee Date with Luna: Being pretty is not a career

Hello and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna.

Today we will be discussing something I never talked about that much on my blog and it’s social media. Those of you who follow me on Instagram @luna.theblog know that I am pretty active on my IG, I post almost every day, put up Instagram stories etc., which is why I believe that I do understand the platform as well as other social media networks. For me all social media is just a way to promote my blog, The Poetry Bar, I also do have a certificate in Digital Marketing and plan on making a career out of it with time so you can say that I do love social media but…

What bothers me regarding social media is the fakeness people are selling. I understand that you are always trying to look your best on pictures and give out the impression that you are living this fabulous lifestyle and I think we all got used to that but my problem is with the dream social media sold to people which states: You can make your looks your whole career.

You know what I am talking about. This especially affects young girls. They are under the impression that if they look a certain way and are physically attractive that they can make money off their pics and not have a single care in the world. I am so annoyed by these types of people. This is not a jealousy rant because I could never be an Instagram model. I just think that the rise of this social media models/influencers trend has taken a toll on education and people’s physical and mental health.

People are under the impression that they have to have a certain body type, be in shape, with big lips and a huge ass in order to be beautiful and successful on social media. Let me voice my opinion here very clearly: Looks will fade and Instagram will not pay for your bills then – get some skills in life other than taking good selfies.

I just think that all of these models and influencers have very big platforms they could use for good such as promoting a healthy body image, volunteering, raising awareness about important issues rather than selling a fake, unattainable reality. I love people who, next to running successful social media accounts, have blogs, make videos – are in general content creators and use their platforms to do good and actually made a full time job off of them and this is not referring to those people. This is actually my opinion in regards to people who only pose for pictures and expect others to worship them because they look a certain way. And don’t even get me started on photoshop and other tools used to manipulate their body in images.

This trend which has taken over our lives in the past few years, doesn’t seem to come to an end. I do like the way that social media has given everyone a voice and a platform to share their skills and opinions but some people just take it too far. They claim themselves to be influencers to demand free stuff from smaller brands, they threaten companies with “exposing them” on social media if something isn’t the way they want it to be, expect brands and larger companies to break their policies in order to suit their needs, believe they have the right to eat and drink for free in restaurants and bars if they take a pic there – just like what the actual fuck?

If a brand, company, restaurant, bar or a hotel invites you in, offers you something for free, wants to collab with you then that is okay, it’s their choice, they appreciate you and think you would be good for their business, but actually demanding them to do so because you have a few thousand followers on Instagram is disrespectful, immature and if I was an owner of a company and you did that to me I would take the conversation public and ban you from ever entering my company. Your Instagram pictures do not pay employees who do the work to make your, per example, stay at a restaurant pleasant. Likes on Instagram won’t provide for a waiter who brought you drinks. Just in general, if you are not an actual content creator your social media platform doesn’t even offer good exposure for companies or makes them any profit.

I really went off topic here a bit, but I think you get my point. I am just generally not supporting this trend that has been spreading for years across the world because it’s making people entitled and lazy as hell.

What is your opinion on this matter and what are your views on social media trends?

Also, what would you like as a topic for the next Coffee date?

Can’t wait to read your comments!

Sending love and positive vibes,

14 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Luna: Being pretty is not a career

  1. Sounds like something King Jesus would do.

    It’s like, “Well I have all your dead ancestors in the form of bots so this place is ours now”

    Order 66 to the max. 🤣

  2. Hi Luna,
    This is an interesting topic!
    I agree that taking selfies is more of a temporary business, but I also can’t hate on them if they are making money. There’s an audience out there that enjoys people who do this type of work, but it is a little sad. We’ve become a superficial, technology-filled world and have lost some genuineness.
    Not too long ago, I was selling some products and this group of girls on Instagram were practically cyberbullying me for free product that I wasn’t going to give them. I didn’t care how many followers they had.
    I believe as the general population, we need to break away a little more from social media and our phones that we’ve given so much importance to and little importance to issues like saving the environment and decreasing poverty levels.
    Good post 🙂

    1. I am all about social media, I love the voice it gave to people, but I do not like or support the entitlement some people believe they have because of the number of their followers. I think that it’s okay to make money online, on posts but I still think people need to invest time and energy in their education and gaining new skills in life. You never know what could happen to you and “takin selfies” is not a valid skill on a CV.

      1. Yes, many people can have their head blown up, and it’s downhill from there. People are doing the whole selfie thing because it’s easier than to work on your education and yourself, but like you said in your post, looks are temporary. And I agree, taking selfies isn’t really a valid skill and it can be used an excuse to compare themselves to models and photographers who put in more energy and time towards their craft.

  3. I’m glad I stopped by for your coffeedate. I found your ideas thought provoking and your writing clear. I’m looking forward to future coffeedates!

    1. I am glad to hear that!

  4. My thoughts exactly beautiful lady!

  5. Lewis Sandilands January 4, 2020 — 10:07 pm

    I feel the same

  6. Good topic, Luna. I’m also annoyed by this stuff but it seems to be an unstoppable trend around the world. Out here in China, the social media celebs are called “wanghong” and many of them are just as obnoxious as the ones you described. I work in media production and I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it’s getting to have face-to-face meetings with clients who don’t want anyone to see them without the benefit of a beauty filter or flattering camera angle. I’ve never actually met the majority of my contacts, and on most days my job could be described as… incredibly surreal…

    1. As I said in the post, I love the way social media has given everyone a voice but it has set such unrealistic beauty standards and made people feel so entitled. Social media is a great tool that can be used to spread good messages, awareness about different topics, but some people just need a quick reality check every now and then.

  7. ‘– just like what the actual fuck?’ … totally cracked me up, there, Luna (:

  8. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. & camera phones have made people attention seeker and self obsessed. Due to this, people are suffering form depression and making them ill. People are just wasting their time in useless things and ruining their own life.

  9. I agree! and the pressure on young girls and boys to look a certain way just because it is the current trend is extremely heavy… I wish people start using their brains again.

  10. I have devolved myself from social media just for the reasons you mention (and a few others). I use one social media account to post my daily blog posts from a marketing perspective, and nothing else. Since I made that decision, the time I would spend frivolously with social media, I now spend engaged with people on a face-to-face personal level. Best thing I ever did. I would love a ‘Coffee Date’ post to explain to me how I am supposed to see any social media posts as something other than a desperate cry for attention from someone who doesn’t love themselves enough. Great post and well written!

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