The aesthetic lives for the moment,
in the moment
has no plans for the future.
Lives in despair whether known or not.

Keeping freedom unrestricted.
A childish immediacy present in adulthood.
The aesthete tears relationships apart
deeply scarring those who love them.
Their life in the moment aimless, the future potentiality does not exist.

Immediacy of romance–the life that must be filled with motion, busy-ness, stillness the antithesis.
The emptiness must be filled with something, someone, anything. No matter if this act of filling hurts another.

The aesthete lives an empty life. Though charisma the cover, the mask.
The life of despair; the search for happiness perpetually.

Court is a writer who has written two books: Descent, Ascent, Transfiguration, a collection of poetry and Beyond the Veil a poetic fictional tale. You can read his other work at


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