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And She Decided

defying the norms
experiencing life on my terms
speaking out
in the face
of criticism
challenging myself

keeping the promises
made to myself
defining boundaries
setting them in place
standing up
for what’s right
loving myself

deserving what i need
wanting what i deserve
challenging the status quo
standing against
the patriarchy
defending my honor
respecting myself

it’s been a long time coming, baby

Susi Bocks – writer/author/poet, has self-published two books – Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause. You can find her work at or follow her on Facebook, where she invites you to read her thoughts and get to know her. Bocks’ work has been published in the anthology SMITTEN: This Is What Love Looks Like: Poetry by Women for Women and in Scarlet Leaf Review, VitaBrevis, Spillwords, Literary Yard, as well as other literary magazines.


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