Positivity Press #60 – Puppy dance

Hello everyone!

I am still stressed and trying to cope with everything going on in Croatia. I did promise we will re-activate The Positivity Press during these difficult times to keep positive, read something happy every day, but I honestly don’t have a lot of positive thoughts or events going on in my life right now.

But a promise is a promise so here is J Balvin and his adorable dog dancing to Baby got back because dogs make everything better. Just look at him!


As promised, during this difficult time we are re-activating The Positivity Press. Send in your positive news with pics and the link to your blog (if you want) to postpositivity@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Positivity Press #60 – Puppy dance

  1. Thoughts and prayers for all of you. Sending hugs of strength for all those there and around the world who are suffering in these times. I applaud you for finding a way to stay true to your words even in the light of such tragedy. May you find daily inspiration to help see you through these times. May we all find it.


  2. In these times we definitely need positive vibes from all places and dancing dog videos are a great help producing much needed laughter. 🙂

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