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I am shouting into the wind
I hope that when you will be ready I will be here
That when you open your eyes it is me you will see
That when you call out it will be to my name

I hope that when you turn it is to look for me
That when you run it is towards me
When I look up from this hole it will be your outstretched hand I reach out to

I hope that the wind carries my message
I hope that Hermes brings you my words
I hope that the sand on this beach pours slowly in the hour glass

I bear a cursed mark
To forever fall in love with hearts so still
None will beat for me
I hope yours makes a pulse

For many things, I hope
That the hand that clasps mine is yours
But I hope most of all for our love to be true

My name’s Allan M. Kiptoo, a member of Budding Poets Collective in Kenya. I’m always trying new ways to express myself through poetry and stories. To get my other pieces here’s one of the links


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