Inside my window

I knew that you could see it too
since I wasn’t far from you
the sky gray as the wind blew
just from out my window

it wasn’t something new
seeing you passing through
but the distance between us grew
as I waved behind my window

the storm quieted as it brewed
and I was only someone you knew
from here I watched the view
trapped inside my window

By: Dejah Williams
Instagram- dejah_vu21
About me: A 21-year-old dreamer, bibliophile, and aspiring writer from New Jersey. She works as a program coordinator for teens in a local library in New Jersey.


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5 thoughts on “Inside my window

  1. Thanks for posting my poem!!

    1. This poem is lovely , sir

      1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

  2. I too will pass this along, full credit given.. lovely piece.

  3. I want to publish

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