Coffee Date with Luna: Back to the passion

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna!

I hope you are healthy and safe and already guessing I will have a quarantine themed coffee date. I have noticed something happening to my mind, let say, during this time that I have been at home more, working from home and having more free time.

I have returned to what’s important to me and what is natural to me and the things I am passioned about.

This discovery came to me when I caught myself sitting on my balcony and reading “Io non ho paura” by Niccolò Ammaniti and the book (as you can tell) is written in Italian. I, without giving it much thought, googled some Italian authors to find a new book to read, downloaded this one and just spent hours enjoying it, reading it, even googled some words I didn’t know by then and then it hit me. I miss Italian and I got so caught up in my jobs and my blog that I forgot I am one big philologist at heart. For those of you who don’t know, I actually studied foreign languages, Italian and Spanish to be precise. Italian was one of my first passions when it came to my love for foreign languages.

Until that moment, when I came to the last page, I didn’t even know how much I missed this part of myself. I got so caught up in making money, taking care of myself, adulting in general that I forgot to feed my mind and my soul what it desired. I came back to my passion and it made me so happy, I felt so fulfilled and a new wave of energy came over me as if I had a good sleep and was ready to conquer the day. This little thing, this little book, coming back to the language I love so much made me feel like myself again, placed me in touch with my inner self.

I think that this is a textbook example of how small things make a difference and matter the most. I have been experiencing these revelations in quarantine a lot. Now that I am not so concerned with all of the things I have to do and all of the places I have to be at, I can actually hear myself because the noise of everyday life is cancelled now. I hope this makes sense to you guys and that you don’t think I am just losing my mind here.

I guess this was a shorter post, but I think I shared everything I wanted to. Now tell me, have you experienced this during quarantine? Did you start picking up some old hobbies, enjoying old music, giving more attention to your spiritual side?

Sending love and positive vibes,


11 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Luna: Back to the passion

  1. So glad you get to read book Luna, enjoy!

  2. You are so pretty soul Luna. You work for other authors so much and that is wonderful. I am glad too that you have time for yourself. Reading books, listening music is great for good positive vibes. Greetings 📖🎶

  3. justcalmwildness May 2, 2020 — 11:55 am

    I so relate to this sometimes we get buried in life that we forget to do stuff that we enjoy.

  4. Reading is wonderful! I’ve been doing a lot more too, when not wriitng

  5. That’s wonderful Luna! Even though times are tough there is still joy to be found, I’m so glad that you were able to reconnect with learning languages. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian myself <3 Are there any other books in Italian that you recommend?

  6. Interesting post, Luna!
    I’ve found myself spending far more time on WordPress, finding new artists, poets, writers and photographers.
    It’s been so enjoyable that posting my own work now seems less important.

  7. This is true!!!! I know what you mean about getting back into things you forgot you loved. It’s crazy how life can take you in so many directions. That’s really awesome that you study Italian in Spanish. Are you almost fluent in them?

  8. I’m glad you are safe as well 🙂

  9. I’m glad you got to read….
    Love, light and glitter

  10. How wonderful. 💗 One of my dreams is to study Italian for a year (or perhaps longer) before visiting Italy. Thank you for sharing and for my stopping by my blog. I hope you continue devoting time to your passions, even after life resumes.

  11. i was just thinking the other day about how i wanted to work on my italian. i learned bits and pieces in high school (like fruits, and days of the week, and numbers!) but not enough to hold a conversation. quarantine has been an all round weird time, but it’s also been great to return to old hobbies. i got back into painting! enjoy returning to your passion x

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