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Are you wearing your mask?

Hello everyone!

Are you wearing your mask?

They got a bit expensive here in Croatia. I went to buy some more yesterday and was a bit shocked with the price. I think I have to get some cloth masks ASAP. And yes, I was coming home from work when I took this picture and I know it’s visible how tired I am.

So there are certain floods here in Zagreb because of the heavy rain and I am not surprised. There’s a pandemic and we’ve had an earthquake and now there are floods. 2020.

And I am working today and I have to figure out if I can actually get to my job.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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Hey! They have now made it compulsory to wear masks in any indoor environment where I’m from in the U.K.
I agree, the prices of masks have gone up astronomically, but hopefully it means we can try harder to keep safe 🌸😊

We wear masks whenever we go into the stores. It is the right thing to do. Outside, we still physical distance, even if it means crossing the street. It is sad not to be able to hug our kids, but the best solution until there is a treatment. Stay well. Allan

Forwarding you all the positive vibes,❤️ stay safe, stay healthy dear😊😊and we do wear masks whenever outside home environment 🎭🤞

Yes, I’ m wearing a mask. I’ve been wearing one prior to when the US government told us not to. I was born with a preexisting condition, so I’m doing everything I can to protect myself and others. Nice mask by the way.

Here in Singapore it’s mandatory for us to wear face masks when outside, or we risk a fine! I’ve been checking out cloth ones as well. Stay safe, Luna 🙂

Here the government spicified a price that would allow all citizens to buy masks without a difficulty yet selling points sell them like 20× folds the price suggested and it’s really weighting the pockets of citizens now~ sending positive vibes to you as well dear Luna~ 🥰

I’ve got my mask on anytime I leave our yard, or get out of the car. It’s pretty simple to just leave it on when out and about, and still give some space to everyone else! 😷

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