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Let’s be positive

Hello everyone!

When I publish my own work or thoughts, I always write a looooooooong column-like post and I decided to move all of that to the comments now. I want you to write down in the comments one positive thing that happened to you recently. Times are rough for everyone because of…2020.

Let’s do this now. My positive event recently:

I read Gloria Steinem’s book Revolution from Within and this book really made me question a lot about my life and decisions I have made. It actually gave me the courage I need to start making some big changes.

Now, I want that comment section burning! Let me know what positive thing happened to you recently and let’s spread good vibes 🙂


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The most positive thing that has happened to me were the recent results from my PET CT scan. After 4 rounds of treatments the scan showed NED, no evidence of disease. My follicular lymphoma has gone into remission.

I witnessed cannibalism first hand. With the onset of COVID and thus series of lockdown, people had forgotten about animals in their locality. They forgot that these beings highly depend on our feeding habits be it religious, humanistic or otherwise. Cows were not allowed to enter my guarded society and dogs inside were starving as they are territorial. Dogs here usually threaten the other dogs trying to enter their territory and not harm them. But starvation this time made them to consider eating a puppy who entered their territory by mistake. Two dogs had this puppy’s neck in their mouth and were pulling him to tear him apart. Other dogs were barking probably waiting for their chance. I went with a stick, chased them out, brought wounded puppy at home. He was crying, deafening cries, I could hear him for two days even in his absence- it was that much loud. He seemed to be recovering within a week but he was not. He had to be taken to hospital again. They prescribed to keep him in shelter home. I did. He was brave but he could not make it. I had named him Rio (short of Warrior). He is the best being I ever came to know. Smart and disciplined considering he was a stray. Sorry for such a long comment , hahaha. I hope it was worth your time.

The most positive thing that happened to me lately…that would me every day that I’ve written a poem since this pandemic began. After two years of not writing, it feels good to finally be able to put my thoughts into words again.

Thank you dear Luna for what you do. You are the reason I started reblogging poetry on my site. Good words need to be read by more people. I hope you are doing well. Have some fun and be safe.

Why not! I went to the theatre on the weekend for the first time since the pandemic. Everyone wore face masks, hand sanitiser, temperature check, contact details, and set social distanced seating. Even the actors were social distancing. Very strange but the new normal. Felt so cool to wear a slinky evening dress too.

I love that Gloria Steinem book too. I read it several years ago when I was living in Seattle and she came to speak. I would love to hear more about how it helped you make big changes in you life.
I’m happy that you read my post today – that’s my most positive thing so far today — and that I woke-up! Thanks Luna!

My grandson needed to borrow my truck for the week and I was happy to oblige.
My son came over Saturday morning and offered to take my trash for me. My heart filled and my trash cans emptied- a double positive.
My granddaughter came over with her dad to learn some shooting skills. She is an over-achiever, and is taking up hunting sports at 15. And shot a two-inch group at 100 yards.
A man I worked with for about five years took his leave from our company, and came by Friday for a parting glass.
We had some rain these past few days. Desperately-needed water in the well.
It’s October. Look around. Need I say more?
The wind storm knocked down quite a few trees in the area, but didn’t hurt the regal 130-year-old maples that line our road frontage. Another double-positive, as if they fell they would land in my parlor.
The same grandson that borrowed the truck came over Sunday to help pick up limbs and cut up some trees felled by the storm. After our work, we had a nice visit at the wellcap in the beautiful autumn weather.
My dog is excited to see me every day. She wags, she spins, she kisses.
Mornings are breathtaking this time of year. I heard myself this morning, speaking aloud again, “Wow!”, “Beautiful”, “Incredible”, “Amazing”, “How lovely.”
I could go on, I suppose, but I don’t want to commandeer your post.



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