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Walkers low

What can I say now-
Only one of us two
Felt what I feel still
I broke my own rules
When I- felt again

It’s too late to change
I’ll move on- soon
You can’t feel what you don’t
And I can lose, what I do
Natures way of creating- blue
Just my color, imbued

You’ll go your way
I’ll find mine soon
Dirt or a highway
I’ll hike it, all alone
I’ll feel- every step

It’s going to take time
Getting used to, nothing you
You came like a new dawn
Waking me from my dream
I didn’t realized, you didn’t belong
Now I have to, unfortunately for me
Natures way of creating- blue
Imbued by you

You can’t feel what you don’t
And I can’t lose…what I do

poet of the Light © 2020
Whispers of a poet’s heart collection-

I’m just an American poet sharing myself one poem at a time on Wordpress and here.


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