Shitty start of the week

Hello everyone! 

I am currently taking some vacation days off and do you know what is a shitty way to start our vacation and your weekHaving a 8AM appointment at your dentist. That my friends is a shitty way to start anything 

mean it’s not like I can go somewhere with the pandemic causing more problems in Croatia but still, I could’ve slept this morning instead of being at the dentist. Jus to give you a nice explanation of why I am complaining so much – I HATE DENTISTS.  

When I was a kid I actually punched my dentist. My mother had a blast raising me 😀

Do you know what I do not understand? These dentists and other doctors are supposed to be intelligent people. They can’t even tell time! They are like “this will take just one more second” and then proceed to drill your teeth like they are searching for gold for the next 20 minutes. Assholes.  

But I survived and so did the dentist. I did not punch this one for a change. I have another appointment on WednesdayVery excited about going through that shit again 

Currently, I am back home in Zabok and as soon as I step into my apartment, my publishing schedule on the blog goes out the window so I am sorry about this. I am just a bit spoiled and lazy when I get home but I will be up and publishing your lovely Poetry Bar works in no time.  

The good thing about today is that my online delivery is coming so I will be spending the rest of the day waiting for the GLS driver to come and make my day! I have been doing a little bit of winter shopping and I cannot wait to show you everything I got 

Have a lovely (dentist free) week! 

Sending love and positive vibes,

9 thoughts on “Shitty start of the week

  1. I did not punch this one for a change.

    Good on you!

  2. Oh no…going to the dentist is definitely not a good way to start the day! But luckily at least for today you’re free 😉🎀

  3. the masochist in me enjoys the dentist 🤭

  4. Aww I hate to go to the dentist too! 🙁 It’s never pleasant! Guess they are among the most hated docs. *lol* I’ll cross my fingers that next time will be better for you.

  5. I liked my dentist so much that I married his dental assistant 43+ years ago. As to dentists and time, not all teeth and mouths are the same. If you find a dentist that takes the time required to fix the problem fully and properly, even though it makes him late for his next patient, it can be frustrating for staff and patients alike. But as the person in the chair, it is nice to know that the work is good quality and complete. Stay well and glad your dental appointment is out of the way.

  6. Ugh, my dear that is shitty!! I too loathe the dentist and avoid going at all costs. I hope your vacation gets better from here and you enjoy some good R and R🙏

  7. Who like dentists ? I wonder…………………………….

  8. Hope your Wednesday appointment is quick and hassle free.

  9. So many interesting writers on your site. And your headline photo evokes all sorts of emotion!!! I’m back from an absence and hope you visit. I have new writing tactics to share. 🙂

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