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its hard to accept
the fact that its dead
but you blocked me away
so theres no room to stay

ill move out of your way
so that you can someday
find the right man
and hold on to his hand

no part of my plan
i do now understand
ill leave you alone
will not come back, oh no

living life, moving on
tho the feelings still strong
you just didnt love me
i must stop holding on.

I started writing texts on 25th of September 2020 because i got My Heart broken and didnt know how to cope with My sadness.


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2 replies on “Moving”

I remember not being able to eat much. Just didnt have the appetite. It eventually passed and I promised myself I wouldn’t give my heart away until I was absolutely sure. Went for a different personality style and it worked . Stay cool. It sucks but things will move on.

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