Our shadows met on the east.
Expected intensity grew,
becoming flesh in the west.
For a while, hidden behind the moon’s crust.
As foreseen, our bodies aligned.
The eclipse was all set.
We stepped around it while our four eyes locked.
Now, both feeling weightless.
I cross my fingers hoping you’ll accept,
my desire to lift you up.
Let go when ready to fall into my net.

Poetry has helped me dig into my emotional troubles and mental disorders become more stabilized. It definitely has allowed me to feel truth yet transform it into something I can grasp more softly in order to swallow it after feeling like I’m choking on reality. My past hasn’t been easy and since I started writing around 4 years ago I get to feel I’m in a better place. Even if it’s just for a few minutes after I’m done writing whatever I was at that moment. I’m from Puerto Rico. My language is Spanish but I’ve always preferred reading, writing and listening in English. Not sure if it’s always been a way to dissociate myself from where I’ve always lived and every negative memory tied to it. I guess it’s an escape to write and even more if I do it in English. At 28 years old I’ve never yet taken any classes on writing and haven’t studied after high school. That may explain the unpolished and rough writing I provide. I do want to share what I write with the same purpose I think most people do. To allow others to be able to relate and therefore feel less alone in their suffering.



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